Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby.

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anais mali for dolce & gabbana skincare
the vision: image of beauty

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when people complain that toothless doesn’t act like a dragon like i’m sorry????? do you OWN a dragon????? have you ever MET a dragon???? are you a dragonologist with a doctorate in dragonology????

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While en route to Moloka’i, the view of Oahu is jaw dropping.

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dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist

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For The First Time Ever, All Four Eyewitness Accounts of The Murder of Michael Brown Put In Chronological OrderThe most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order #JusticeForMichaelBrown [@ShaunKing]

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Reporters confirm that police & advisors concealed the identity of Darren Wilson until he could delete all social media & move out of state.

Wow though. Darren Wilson, Ferguson’s PD and the rest of his and their supporters are an extra special breed of scumbag. What incriminating shit did he have online that needed to be swept under the rug so quickly?

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What fucks me up about the Darren Wilson fundraiser is that he hasn’t been charged with a crime. He doesn’t have to hire a lawyer. He’s on paid leave, so he’s not losing wages. This is not covering his expenses, because he doesn’t have any additional expenses. This is a reward. He’s getting a $250,000 reward for murdering an unarmed black kid, two days away from starting college, in broad daylight.

It’s a great deal more than that. The first Go Fund Me was only closed so they could open a second, run by a charity - which would allow all donations to be tax-deductible. That second fund is now an additional $135,500, all of which is money taken directly from the taxpayer, because the “donor” can offset it against their taxes. So now, every single US citizen is handing hundreds of thousands of dollars over to the guy, which could have been spent on welfare, or libraries, or schools.

This is true. Between the two, he’s actually getting a $370,395 reward (and counting). So, significantly worse.

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friendly reminder that if i have ever befriended you and have not spoken to you in a while it’s nothing you’ve done wrong it’s just because i’m a piece of shit at keeping in contact with people and i still love you okay good

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