this is my love letter to azlyrics for not being annoying as fuck like other lyric websites


all the people around me are falling in love and im just here falling asleep


the fetisization of interacial couples and subsequently the children of said couples is so gross    


sunsets in hawai’i


I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no


One last trip down memory lane for tonight (can you tell I am digging through old files?), this time from January of 2007. This is a personal favorite and it came about in a funny way. They told us we could make some “creator t-shirts” with whatever art we wanted on them and they would sell a limited run on the network website. So I made this. And they said, “Yeah, not that one.” The calligraphy, by S.L. Lee, PhD., is from the Blue Spirit’s wanted poster.


Mini tutorial on painting skin tones. I hope it makes sense. I am writing down all your suggestions for tutorials and hopefully plan to create a detailed tutorial (or series of tutorials) about digital painting in photoshop.